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Facebook Advertising ~ Guaranteed.

Lead Generation and Local Campaigns 

with Guaranteed Results!

We do the Ad Creation, Ad Delivery, Ad Optimization & Reporting for a price that is Affordable for all Businesses..!

Prices as low as $95 per month for a done for you solution.

Social advertising with Guaranteed Performance 

or Your Money Back*

* Your Facebook ad will be seen by your target audience at least 6 times per campaign or get 

that month’s money back. *

Our Case Studies.

Dairy Queen

1. $975 investment.

2. 42,318 people reached.

3. 1,312 offers claimed in store.

4. 4 new locations joined due to our success.

Burger King

1. $1,200 investment.

2. 11,500 people reached (6 times each).

3. 508 offers calimed in store.

4. $4,825 value in sales.

Greeley Tree Service

1. $85 investment.

2. 3,595 people reached.

3. 1176% return on investment.

4. $1,000 in new sales.

Atlanta Plumber

1. $200 investment.

2. 3,148 people reached.

3. 900% return on investment.

4. $2,000 in new sales.

Facebook Advertising provides top ROI 

for Services Providers and Retailers.

Service Providers

Lead Generation 

If you provide services, you want to - 

reach a very specific audience

that is in the market for your services

and promote an offer to them.

Generating Quality Leads.


Proximity Marketing

If have own a retail location, you want to - 

reach a specific audience

close to your location

that responds to promotion.

Generating Quality Walk-Ins.

We are proud to say that Our Technology has won the prestigious Facebook Innovation Award.

This means your next Facebook campaign is going to be powered by a customer-centric advertising technology that has been identified as a game-changing innovation among Facebook Marketing Partners in the advertising industry.

Thousands of Local Business. 

Served Around The Globe.

With our exclusive technology, working with GotU internationally and our local clients for years, we have the DATA and CREATIVE minds to execute the best converting campaigns. 

Check out the video with SeeMee, and hear what they had to say about the real world results they got from working with us.


Businesses served around the world


Guaranteed Reach


Guaranteed Performance


Guaranteed Results

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  • We provide low costs for all business types & budgets. 
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  • Our company has gained its experience by delivering campaigns to +60K  businesses globally. 
  • Facebook Partner and a Facebook Competition Award Winners.
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