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E-Mail Marketing

We have over 150+ million opt-in and double opt-in email addresses with powerful segmentation.

With over 750+ targeting elements include age, gender, household income, profession, interests, etc... we can design the perfect audience to deliver your e-mail marketing campaign to. 

We handle everything..!

We will do the e-mail design, copy and deployment from our servers.

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E-Mail Marketing is still the go-to way to Grow Your Business.

Studies say, people still prefer to be Contacted by E-Mail.

We have over 750+ Targeting Elements to match your audience.

Here are a few of our Case Studies.

Our pricing is very affordable.

We charge approximately $19 for every 1,000 e-mails sent...

...or 0.019 cents (less than 2 cents) for every e-mail.

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  • We provide low costs for all business types & budgets. 
  • Work with us and we can get your business the exposure it needs to grow and close more deals.
  • We have over 150+ million verified e-mail addresses. 
  • We have over 750+ targeting elements so we can deliver your message to the perfect audience.
  • We handle everything for you. We design the e-mail, write the message and send the e-mails from our server.