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Get More "Likes" on Your Facebook Page.

Just follow the steps below and you will grow your page likes immediately.

If you need us to do it for you...just ask..! We would be glad to help..!

Have Us Do The Work..!

Step #1: Create a Facebook Ad.

Here we select the "Engagement" option, give our campaign a name & set the budget.

I used $10 per day, but you can set it to whatever you like.

Step #2: Select the Page & Audience Location.

Here we select the page we want to receive the likes. Then we select the audience location. For this step, we will eliminate our current location & type in "worldwide". We then exclude the United States, Canada, Australia & the United Kingdom.

Ages: 18-65 / Gender: All / Language: Leave Blank

Step #3: Targeting, Placement & Budget.

You can just leave the Detailed Targeting & Connections blank.

We want to use Automatic Placement. 

You can set the Budget & Schedule to whatever works for you.

I usually let it run continuously & shut it off once I reach my target goal for page likes.

Step #4: Ad Creation & Submit.

You create a simple quote for your ad image. This can be done on Canva for free, download a free image from Google or we can create one for you for Free. We want to create a motivational saying that everyone would agree with. 

My ad says "If you want others to believe in you, you have to first Believe in Yourself."

In the Text Section just insert "Click to Like this Page if you Agree"

That is it..! Just hit the Publish Button & wait for your ad to be approved. 

The page likes will start coming in immediately.